December 2017 Issue


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Actian Zen v13 SP1 Highlights

Actian Zen Embedded Database (previously PSQL) was released in June this year starting with Windows OS and some great new features. Actian Zen v13 SP1 delivers more platforms and more features. The following are some of the highlights of Actian Zen v13 SP1. To learn more, please visit the Actian website.

  • Actian Zen Platforms - Windows, Linux (Intel and ARM), Windows Nano Server, and Mac OS
  • Client Reporting Engine - Improves application performance by offloading reporting workloads to a separate machine. The Client Reporting Engine presents to SQL clients the same database as the main server, so all SQL queries can be run on the reporting engine.
  • New Btrieve API - The Btrieve 2 API provides developers the performance and flexibility of the Btrieve engine without having to learn the complexity of the original API. With the new Btrieve 2 API and SDKPerl, PHP and Python developers can create and extend Actian Zen Embedded Database applications.
  • Microsoft Active Directory Integration - Authenticate database logins and manage rights and permissions based on the same credentials used in your Windows domain.
  • JDBC 4 - Zen v13 SP1 includes support for JDBC 4 and maintains compatibility with JDBC 2 drivers.
  • Table Schema Export and Import - Actian Zen v13 has database level exporting of all your metadata to a SQL script. You can use these options to recreate an entire database, migrate to v2 metadata format, and troubleshoot data access and performance related metadata issues.
  • Updated Cache Management - The butil utility has two new command options:
    • -cache - preloads pages for a file into cache
    • -purge - flushes all unneeded cache pages for a file

You can download trials of all Actian Zen v13 Embedded Database products on the Actian website and all products are available for sale immediately. 

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New Actian Zen Platforms

The new Linux/ARM and Windows Nano Server platforms open up huge new markets for Actian Zen developers and applications. ARM is the most widely produced chip architecture in the world and is found on portable, battery powered handhelds such as smartphones, tablets and medical devices. Windows Nano Server is a minimal footprint 'headless' version (no GUI) of Windows Server. Both of these platforms will be a big part of the new wave of embedded, edge and mobile computing.

Other News

Upgrade Promotion - Last Day to Order 29 December. Just a reminder that the great upgrade deals available through the Zen/PSQL Distribution partners expire after the 29th of December. If you want to get ahead of the PSQL v12 price increase or simply want to get a great deal on an upgrade, including Workgroup, contact your local Zen/PSQL Distribution partner for the details. 

PSQL v12 prices are set to increase on 1 January 2018. As we launch new versions, it has been standard practice for Actian to increase the price of older versions to encourage upgrades and to offset the cost of continued support of the older version. PSQL v12, launched in December of 2014, is no different. Prices of all PSQL v12 editions will increase approximately 20%.

Important PSQL v12 Lifecycle Dates. When planning for an upgrade, it's important to keep track of the support lifecycle dates of whatever version you are using. Highlights for PSQL v12 are below. To keep track of all the PSQL and Zen support lifecycle dates, always refer to the Actian support website (scroll down to find the link for Actian Zen Embedded Database).

  • PSQL v12 End of General Availability - 30 June 2018
  • PSQL v12 Transition Support - 1 Jan 2019
  • PSQL v12 End of Support - 1 July 2019

Thanks very much for your support throughout 2017.

Wishing all a wonderful holiday season and a successful New Year!