In this guide, you'll learn about the top 10 key capabilities required for a true SQL in Hadoop solution as well as the decision criteria to support long-term requirements. 

When most people think of big data, they also think of Hadoop. Why? Because Hadoop has emerged as the de facto data operating system platform to address the biggest challenge posed by big data: ginormous amounts of data continuously being generated. Organizations have come to recognize that they can use Hadoop to store massive data sets by distributing them across inexpensive commodity servers at a tenth of the cost of storing data in a data warehouse.

All this Hadoop data stored in an ever-growing reservoir provides an incredible opportunity for organizations who can mine this massive big data to create transformational business outcomes, including:

  • Delighting customers with exceptional service to increase revenue or reduce churn.
  • Responding faster or using new insights to create a competitive advantage.
  • Reducing risk and fraud, which impact the bottom line of every organization.
  • Uncovering opportunities for new product or service offerings.
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