Welcome to the new Actian Zen website!

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Check out the brand new Zen Core for Android here. An embedded database library perfect for mobile and IoT. It's the file and data compatible with the rest of the Zen family, so expanding your application reach on Android (and iOS soon) is unbelievably simple. 

With the new Actian and Zen, extend to the Cloud, mobile, IoT, and virtually any program or scripting language on any operating environment, deployed to most Intel and ARM hardware platforms.
    • Dependability: Zero-DBA deployment for Cloud deployment enable you to deliver “set and forget” capabilities to remote IoT but also equally remote Cloud environments for SaaS deployment
    • Intelligent Mobile Front-end: Android and iOS smart phones apps deployed as thin-clients can be enhanced to handle richer more sustained tasks and interaction with end-users – even in disconnected environments
    • Improved productivity and speed of development and deployment: a single architecture for embedded data management across your entire development team – doesn’t matter if they’re writing in C/C++, Java, Python or Perl
Oh, and one other point, with better performance than SQLite, Couchbase, and several other alternatives. Catch up on the entire Zen product line or simply download a Zen Core Community Edition or trial versions of Zen Enterprise (Server) for Windows, Linux and Mac OS or Zen Edge for Raspbian.